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God's Property Radio is a podcast created with the intent to alert fellow Christians of the emerging New World Order and to allow non-believers to hear what The Bible's explanation for where we are now and where we are going. GPR is a place for seekers of Truth and Hope in Christ Jesus. While many other podcasts in this genre or sub-genres of this genre create a show where they do their own talk time and dig deep into pressing issues, Sam and Dan prefer to have guests on and learn from their stories and/or research. The key to gaining knowledge is asking the right questions and this is where GPR finds its niche; interviewing well-known, lesser-known and completely unknown individuals on a large variety of topics pertaining to the NWO and the impending Great Deception mentioned by Yashua in Matthew 24.

Sam and Dan have found in their experience that The Church is almost opposed to talking about many of these issues while the scriptures clearly forewarn us all of a One World Government, a One World Religion, and a One World Currency all enforced by a One World Ruler. Again, the point of this podcast is not to be Paranoid but to be Prudent and to turn to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Sam and Dan's perspectives also come from being fathers and husbands. GPR would like to also offer a platform to educate other families on how to stay proactive, healthy, keep out of debt, and remain stewards of God's Word. Whether discussing False Flag Attacks, The Monetary System, Corporate Personhood, Political Conspiracies, Occult Symbolism, Nanotechnology, Trans-Humanism, UFO's, Geo Engineering, Vaccines, Genetically Modified Organisms, De-Population, Zionism, Creationism, Homeschooling, Freemasonry, Ancient Pyramids, Babylonian Mystery Religions, The New Age Movement, The Nephilim, Demon Possession or Fascist Oligopolies, the story remains the same. Many try to twist God's Word to fit their agenda and deceive others.

Matthew 22:21 (KJV) "They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; AND UNTO GOD THE THINGS THAT ARE GOD'S."

You are God's Property! We are God's Property! Welcome to God's Property Radio!

Don't Buy Into What The World Is Selling!
Meet GPR
Sam Swanson

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Sam Swanson

Sam Swanson came to know Jesus as his personal savior at a young age prior to entering kindergarten at a Private Christian School. He grew up in a strong Christian home and his family attended a Baptist Church throughout his Elementary and High School Years. After graduating from Public School in 2001, Sam decided to pursue a career as a musician in the secular music world. He managed to record numerous albums, eps and singles with various bands/groups that he fronted as the lead singer/songwriter in addition to starting a small independent record label. Somewhere in all of his adventures as an artist he began to walk away from God and got caught up in what some would call the New Age Movement.

In 2009 Sam married his wife (the love of his life) and began the process of truly growing up and learning to be more selfless. After a decade of making music, touring over 30 states, and playing hundreds of shows, God answered a prayer that Sam recorded in a song by giving him a chance to start all over and move from the Midwest to the East Coast. In 2011, He and his wife made the decision to leave everything and everyone they knew behind and start all over together. In the process of this transition, the couple reconnected with Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Sam's wife gave birth to their first child (a son) in 2012.

It was in December of that same year that Sam went through his paradigm shift. While studying a little bit about the Federal Reserve System, he came upon the film "New World Order: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1" by Leonard Ulrich. This was quite a sobering experience for Sam and for once in his life, everything made sense. From the legal control we are bonded into at birth to the deadly chemicals in our food and water supply to the United States continually installing "Democracies" a.k.a. Central Banks in Middle Eastern Countries, etc... It all went back to the very book he had been taught from as early as he could remember.

It was not long after this realization that he met Dan through a local church gathering. After a mere few months of exchanging information, Dan too underwent an awakening. Both men spent the rest of the year comparing notes, listening to hundreds of hours of podcasts, lectures, videos, and reading whatever they could get their hands on. In the fall of 2013 Sam and Dan decided to start a podcast where they could interview fellow Christians and researchers of the NWO to learn more and help spread a proactive message to as many listeners as possible, and that message is ultimately the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In November of 2013 God's Property Radio was born and following that was the birth of Sam's second child (a daughter).

Sam believes in interpreting the scripture literally and wants nothing more than for he and his family to be right with God. Currently, Sam is working on composing new music all for the glory of Jesus Christ.


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Dan Gow

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Dan Gow

Daniel Gow came to know the Lord at the young age of 6 and grew up in a Christian home. He attended a Baptist church where he served as a pastoral intern for 3 years after his first year of Bible College. He married his wife in 2011 and their daughter was born in 2013. Daniel underwent his paradigm shift during the winter/spring of 2013. Dan was always a history buff and thoroughly enjoyed studying church history at bible school; after which he had a sense that he wasn't getting the a complete picture with the History he was given, but did not pursue it any farther than that.

When Dan watched the Leonard Ulrich film, “Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecies Vol. 1”, Daniel’s paradigm began to unwind. After watching the “Hidden Hand of History”, Daniel thought he had a pretty good grip on things until March of 2013 when he discovered Rob Skiba’s work of “Mythology and the Coming Great Deception and Mount Hermon Roswell Connection. After watching the "Hidden Hand of History", Daniel thought he had a pretty good grip on things until March of 2013 when he discovered Rob Skiba's work of "Mythology and the Coming Great Deception" and "Mount Hermon Roswell Connection". Having been a Bible student most of his teenage years and then at college, Genesis 6 changed everything. When Daniel realized that deception had gone so deeply into the church that it actually changed the main stream's interpretation of scripture, he was propelled into the NWO study of everything from the cults, nephilim, health, financial, legal and the list goes on.

During this time Dan was discussing these topic with Sam, comparing notes, listening to hundreds of hours of podcasts, videos, and reading whatever he could get his hands on. God has used this to challenge Dan with the importance of the gospel and people's need for it. It is Dan's firm belief that any study of prophecy and end time-current events should drive the Christian to the conclusion that people need the Gospel of Jesus Christ and should further propel believers to find ways to share Christ with everyone they can.
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