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14 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi Sam and Dan, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say how much I’m digging the podcast, just discovered it yesterday (after hearing the audio message you left Canary Cry being played at the beginning of their latest episode). As a confessed podcast addict and rabid consumer of the majority of material released on Revelations Radio Network, I was quite blown away by how much new information I was hearing from listening to Leonard Ulrich, and even the stuff he covered that I was familiar with he really explained and puts into a historical context that was much richer than a lot of what I’ve heard previously. I already listened to the first three episodes yesterday, and am probably going to go and watch everything he’s got on his youtube page very soon(!) I just can’t believe I hadn’t even heard of him until now. After googling him I saw that he was on with Derek Gilbert about four years ago or so, and that was about the time I was having my own “paradigm shattering” experience, so I guess I wasn’t quite into the steady podcast diet that I am now. Anyhow, just wanted to say that I am super excited about listening to the rest of the episodes you guys have done already, and for all the ones you have coming in the future. I think I just really enjoyed the fact that you are willing to do longer podcasts, 2-3 hours even, allowing someone as knowledgeable as Ulrich to go into much more depth (even though you can tell he’s only skimming the surface on a lot of what he’s learned…) Like I said, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this guy before! I guess I was starting to think that by now I’d pretty much come across every “researcher” worth listening to in this particular “genre” of Christian teaching/study, but this guy was just great to listen to, probably because like him and you guys too, I’ve always been very interested in learning the historical backdrops to things and how it all progresses, etc., and listening to Ulrich is like having a history professor for the NWO (sounds kinda corny, but you get what I’m saying…) Overall, like I said I’m looking forward to more podcasts, especially more like these where they can go more in depth, and ones that feature less well known folks too. Lately I’ve been realizing that I enjoy so much listening to the personal testimonies of people who have been saved out of this evil worldly system (which I suppose is really all of us), but there really are some amazing testimonies out there which serve to reinforce the reality of these kinds of dark agendas (Have you heard the testimony of Carolyn Hamlett? Mind-blowing…) Also, I’m interested in here more in the future about the story of how you two both were “awakened” to these sorts of things, seems like God really used Leonard’s film to pry open your mind to the difficult questions, but I know for me, it wasn’t easy for the first couple of years, tumbling down the rabbit hole. Sounds like you guys got a pretty firm grasp on much of it a lot quicker than I did… (oh, also in episode 1 it seemed like at the beginning there was a conversation that got cut off partially, talking about how your wives were supportive, yet sometimes gave you a hard time, cuz they just don’t get excited about it the same way, and I’d love to hear a whole podcast about that whole topic sometime!) Cuz yeah, been there! I’ve heard Chris White talk about it briefly, but not really discussed anywhere at great length, but I know for me in my own marriage, that’s been a touchy at times too, to say the least. (family members or spouse can perceive you to be “obsessing” about it all, or “studying evil instead of studying God”, which of course are all valid warnings, but all too often feel more like tactics to try and simply avoid those topics altogether and just keep living in a “fluffier” view of the modern world…) Anyways, wow, totally rambling on and on, just, yeah, very stoked about discovering you guys, and Leonard Ulrich, and the podcast….

    Peace in Jesus to you both, you got an instant “fan” (ok, fan is a dumb term to use, how about fellow brother in Christ fighting to shrug off the “Matrix”..?)


    1. Hi JP!
      Thank you for your testimony on “Digging For The Truth w/ Ark & Neo”! It was very brave for you to say some of those things and it really helped me out with allowing everything I said in my own testimony (especially the last hour) make the cut. I was tempted to not leave some of it in but after listening to your testimony it truly helped give me strength to withstand any criticism or judgement that could possibly come my way. Thank you for listening to my testimony and I hope it does the same for others.

      DC T in Effect! Haha. Yeah, that definitely was in my Walkman non-stop as a 4th Grader. Then “Free At Last” in 5th Grade. Obsessed! Not so much anymore, thankfully.

      Thanks again JP! I’m gonna make sure to check out your music page.

      -Sam (GPR)

      1. Yeah bro, not too happy with the direction Toby, Kevin and Michael have gone……anyways, I listened to Dan’s testimony as well and I’m so humbled by both you guys, never had any interest in visiting New York until now….I can relate on so many levels to many details of both of your stories, y’all also inspire me to get writing music again. there are a lot of things I didn’t share and probably wouldn’t dare to share publicly(unless He has other plans) we have to meet up sometime if the Lord provides a way, I’m serious

        1. Yeah man. We have plans to do a CONFERENCE in DC at some point! Don’t know when but it won’t be until 2016 I would think at this point unless the Lord provides the Funds to do it somehow. Big plans going on in our Little minds here in NY.

          Did you ever see the music video for TOBY MAC “EYE ON IT”


          Hey, if you want to hear our best episode yet. Check out GPR-008 PLACING THE BURDEN OF PROOF W/ PAUL J. HANSEN – That’s my fave! Gonna do a follow up with him for sure this winter/spring!

          I will be releasing music in the Spring with a music video for Leonard Ulrich’s new film. One vocal song that I think you will dig. I’ll keep you posted when I get it mixed and send you a link.

          Thanks again for keeping in touch JP!

        2. Hey JP, PAUL J. HANSEN is now in Jail being charged for Mail Fraud with Kent Hovind! Nuts, check out our COIN TOSS Series. I know Episode 8 blew your mind.

  2. Gents,
    You’re killing it! Slowly making my way through your episodes. Couldn’t ask for a better selection of guests and topics. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey,
    Here’s a dumb question. Pursuant to Mathew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”, should we not RESIGN from whatever entity it is that has the all-caps name and the SSN? If Kent had done that, he probably wouldn’t have been able to use a bank account, BUT HE ALSO wouldn’t have gotten into trouble with the Feds to begin with. Sorry, I know, its 20/20 hindsight, but it needs to be said.
    I think too many people have fallen for that “capture your straw-man” nonsense. The straw-man with the all-caps name and SSN is just the fictitious entity the state created to represent you, and I’m sure they will never let go of the strings controlling the straw-man. The simple solution is just to resign as the registered agent for this entity, and be done with it. Don’t bother trying to get any money out of the Feds. That would be asking for trouble, and it violates the spirit of Mathew 6:24.


    1. Hi there Peter. Thanks for the kind words. We are only doing a small amount compared to the Large Team the Lord has put in place to support Kent. If you would like to fit in somewhere and find out the most effective way to help and use your gifts I would contact: Rudy is a HUGE Blessing and has been working nonstop day and night to shine light and make noise for this trial. He will definitely be able to point you in the right direction as to what is next. We are just really broadcasting Coin Toss Episodes when the Lord presents them to keep a pulse on the Trial and Situation as well as running FREEKENT.COM and selling T-Shirts and Compilation Albums to raise money for Kent and Paul while they are behind bars. Keep fighting the Good Fight! In Christ, Sam

  4. Why do you avoid the Vatican and Jesuits as a predator and chief conspirator in this apocalyptic nightmare? Their subversive plots are at the heart of the coming destruction. Wake up!

    1. I don’t believe we have avoided the Jesuits as a predator and chief conspirator. Check out our COIN TOSS Episode #21 “JESUIT CONNECTIONS” W/ JOHNNY CIRUCCI – Also, even though the Jesuits certainly play a Large role in the New World Order just as do the Freemasons, etc… While studying these groups one has to ultimately come to the conclusion that it is none other than Satan controlling all of these groups on a metaphysical level. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…” – In Christ, Sam

  5. Brother Leaonard

    I thank you for your video that cost you $5000 and gave to us for free.

    I do have to inform you that the document authored by Mazini and Albert Pike concerning 3 world wars is legitimate. And even if it wasn’t, everything in it is coming to pass concerning the 3rd world war.
    You think that if Satan predicts the future in such manner make him holy. This is not what is happened. Satan cannot predict the future however, planning for the future is a strategy that has been used for our entire history, and mostly successfully. If you read the Protocols of the Elders of Sion or Zion, you will discover that almost everything if not everything were implemented, as well as the Jesuits plans etc.
    This is the Kingdom of Satan and has 99% of the world’s population working to bring his plans into fruition. I say: be careful with anything you are told over the internet as I have discovered that the internet is not only replete with disinformation agents, but they have infiltrated every single area. From YouTube to any website you can think of.

    The other issue you published in your video is concerning the Harlot. The woman of Chapter 17 in the Book of Revelation. The Prostitute as you said could not possibly be New York, regardless of how close the ingredients of the prophecy may pertain to it. The reason for that is because the “Woman” in the Bible refer to a religious institution, could mean the righteous Christian Church or the Pagan Church, but does not refer to a city as such.

    I hope that, that helps.

    God bless you for your efforts


  6. Today was a rainy day, I had alot of cleaning to do.. so I went ahead and bought the “We Demand Hovindication” compilation album because i LOVED the song Magistrates..
    and I just had to shout that.. that was THE MOST POWERFUL ALBUM I have ever listened to.. it touched something in me so deep it brought me to TEARS, DANCE, SHOUTING, AND PRAISING GOD. It took me through almost every single emotion and I know how passionate you are about music and I really just wanted to tip my hat off to you and everyone involved in this piece of art… for the glory of OUR AMAZING AWESOME GOD! It was so inspiring. When I listened to “When the Claws Come Out” I broke out into this really frantic excited mood and was playing along on the piano and it just made me want to create something that invokes such passion and I actually bought a new instrument today ^_^
    I love your journey and testimony and music is such a powerful ministry and the fact that you just want to share not just you but like literally just share the love of music is so pure and beautiful to me. I pray I can do the same and touch people with music and praise in the way this album touched me today. Love you all God Bless

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